A New Season

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Spring is here in Winnipeg – and our family is beginning a new season in so many ways. My mother-in-law is here with us for the spring & summer. Briony is wrapping up Grade 1 and all the activities that she’s been enjoying this year (plus spring soccer!). We’re three drafts into home reno planning. And I chose to pursue an opportunity at work that has meant the end of my ‘work from home’ days.

They are GOOD changes. All of them. But I sometimes catch myself feeling a little bit anxious because I’ve never been a fan of change for any reason. Geoff recognizes that look on my face by now – and he’ll just give me a hug and repeat some variation on ‘you’re awesome, this is awesome, it’s all going to be awesome, and you’ll do an awesome job because you’re so full of awesome you can only be awesome.’ I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. These flowers are currently sitting my our dining room table, as a reminder and tribute to my awesomeness.

We’ve got this.

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