Briony forgot her report card at school yesterday. We realized this post-daycare, pre-dinner and it was far too late to do anything about it…

She learned to double check her backpack before she leaves for the day. I learned that my child is lacking practice in making mistakes.

Briony was absolutely beside herself. She announced that she would not be smiling until the problem was fixed (and she stuck to that all of yesterday evening and all of this morning). She refused to eat dinner at the table with me and banished herself to her little table facing the wall. She put herself to bed early, and chose to sleep on the floor instead of in her bed. This morning, she ate alone again – and then she added a dark cardigan over her dress (and buttoned it all the way up) because she thought she didn’t deserve to wear a happy print. I COULDN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP. I also couldn’t cheer her up. And believe me, I tried.

She made me cry. We are so hard on ourselves, from such a young age.

But what a gift to be able to teach my daughter about grace – about making mistakes and how that feels, but then about owning the mistake, fixing what you can, forgiving yourself, and moving on. The words had a funny taste as they left my mouth because I know that I probably needed the reminder too. There is, after all, a reason why I chose the word GRACE for the only permanent tattoo on my body. I knew that I’d need a lifetime of reminders.

PS – It was all fixed with a quick phone call to her teacher this morning. (Don’t you wish that adult sized mistakes were so easily remedied?)



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