People of the World

(That was intended to be a big, no rx dramatic PAY ATTENTION TO THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE type post title. But now I have Spice Girls stuck in my head. Anyone else? No? Okay, help then. Cool. I was asking for a friend.)

I often always stop at Starbucks on my way to work. I have it down to a science. I know exactly when I need to leave to do daycare drop-off and hit that magical window where there’s only one person in line ahead of me (max) so I can grab my essential elixir and get to the office on time.


People of the world, I’ve come to realize that you have all conspired together to make Fridays your ‘treat day.’ But I’m here to tell you that if you don’t NEED to stop for Starbucks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you don’t NEED it on Friday either. And you should part like the freaking Red Sea for those of us who don’t view a Starbucks stop as some sort of a fun optional / recreational activity. My scientific calculation FALLS APART when there are EIGHT PEOPLE in line at my magical no-lineup time on a Friday morning. And when the science falls apart, everything falls apart. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Yeah. I didn’t get my espresso this morning. (Can you tell?)

4 thoughts on “People of the World

  1. Herein lies the difference that, what – 4 years?, makes between our ages. I read that title and all I had in my world was Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation :)

  2. Phew! Also, I promise to never contribute to the Starbucks line up ever. If I see even one person in line, I’m out. Me and Tim’s clearly wouldn’t work out.

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