We’ve been VERY LUCKY to have a healthy kid. It’s not something I expected and it’s not something I will ever take for granted.

Here’s the evidence:

  • I’ve been at the ER with her a grand total of ONE TIME. Granted, I needed to call an ambulance to get her there and it was hella scary. But that’s been it.
  • Her pediatrician jokes that we’re either her best patient or her worst, because we are basically never there expect for scheduled check-ups.
  • Since Briony started real-ish school two and a half years ago, she’d missed a grand total of 1/2 day in Nursery and about 90 minutes in Grade One (when I got called to pick her up because she’d become sick during the day). That’s it. That’s all. Of course, she’s missed more school due to travel – but in terms of illness, that’s the grand total.

Impressive, right? Well, we seem to have broke our winning streak this week.

Briony had a stomach bug on Sunday morning. She seemed okay after lunchtime, but we kept her home all day on Monday just to be super sure that we wouldn’t be spreading those germs around. She was thrilled to go back to school on Tuesday – which was good, because I woke up running a fever and dealing with a sore throat and a stuffed up head and appreciated the quiet house while I slogged through a sick work from home day. It was all good until I got a call from the school to come pick up my sick kid, who was running a fever and complaining of a sore throat and a stuffed up head. OY. And she’s been at home ever since – a grand total of 3+ sick days this week (and counting).

She’s not crazy sick, just sick enough that we shouldn’t be sending her to school. But this whole thing where we’re rearranging our work schedules and making judgment calls and trading off working and taking care of our sick kiddo (and worrying about her while we’re at work) is so foreign. It makes me realize for the millionth time how lucky we’ve been.

A sick kid + two working parents is BANANAS. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Hopefully after this week, the universe will gift us a bit of a break for, say, another 3.5 years. Is that too much to ask?

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