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Briony Evangeline. You’ve been in our lives for six years today – SIX YEARS – a number that fills me with awe. It’s hard to remember a world without you. I’m certain it was less colourful, less sunny, less full of joy. Because you do that. You have this way of infecting your space and the people in it with this LIGHT that’s so hard to describe except to say that it’s magical.

Here are some things about you at six years old…

You love reading like your Mommy and you demolish chapter books in a single day. You love jokes like your Daddy and you can tell a hundred of them in a row (until we are BEGGING you to stop). But you are 100% your own person.

If you are awake, you are dancing and there is always – ALWAYS – a song playing in your head (usually Taylor Swift). You have us at the dance studio two days a week – at five (now six) years old. I suppose we should prepare our schedules and our bank accounts for that to continue… And we’ll keep saying yes, just to see the smile on your face while you’re in class and the way you vibrate with pure joy & excitement on recital day.

You FEEL THINGS on a level that most other people don’t, and when you’re happy or proud – of yourself or someone else – the tears flow fast and hard. You have a soft heart. You’ll always cry when you watch someone win. Just the other day, you were sobbing uncontrollably in the backseat of our car after dance class because you were so proud of yourself for learning the last piece of choreography. Never lose that, okay?

You love to draw and paint and create and imagine (and it’s CRAZY what comes out of your brain!).

You are ridiculously smart. You need to learn like you need to breathe. You watch your favourite movies in French or Spanish for fun, just to see if you can figure out what they’re saying. You love a good workbook. You are curious and you ask questions. And it’s ALL GOOD.

You are a communicator and an organizer. You need to write things down and I love finding your little notes all over the house – and seeing your THREE meticulously updated calendars (one in your room, one on the fridge, and one at Grandma & Grandpa’s house… because OBVIOUSLY).

You remember EVERYTHING. You only need to hear a joke once to have it memorized forever. If we discuss a potential plan, you’ll hold us to it forever. And ever. If I lose something in the house, I can usually just ask you where it is. It’s kind of creepy, if we’re being honest… But also kind of awesome.

You are a fascinating mix of introvert and extrovert, of dependence and independence, of seriousness and silliness. You can’t get out the door fast enough to go play with your millions of friends at daycare (it’s like Cheers when you walk in there!) – but you are just as excited to come home at the end of the day, or to have an ‘at home’ day on the weekend. You seek out quiet and your own space, but you’ll always welcome others in. You have this incredible sense of what you need – and this incredible ability to create that for yourself. That will serve you so well.

You LOVE… Oh, how you love! You are kind and generous and thoughtful. You make everyone in your life feel so special. You always have a hug and a snuggle for your mama. You’ll proactively grab my phone or something else to carry downstairs for me when you notice I’m struggling. If something is your favourite, your first instinct is to share it. I hope that you will never become more like the world. I hope that the world becomes more like you.

You are little, but you are FIERCE. See, on the outside, you are this tiny blonde sweetheart – but may God have mercy on the soul of anyone who gets in your way. It makes being your mommy challenging some days, but I would never change this about you (even if I could). You’re the kind of person who this world needs because YOU WILL CHANGE IT. You already do, by being you and spreading your joy and light and magic dust.

It is the greatest gift I could ever dream up and the honour of my life to get to be your mommy. Thanks for sharing another trip around the sun with us. We can’t wait to see what the next one brings <3

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