Rock Star

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Okay, cialis so this is kind of a mommy brag post. But it’s my blog and I’m allowed to do that.

Briony started both Grade One and daycare this fall and she’s been nothing short of a ROCK STAR as we all learned to navigate this new chapter. This is not something I take for granted. Our little princess has been happy to head out the door every single day for the last 2+ months – and when we pick her up at the end of the day and ask how her day was, check the answer is always ‘AWESOME!’

I met with her teacher last week and learned that the school is every bit as happy with her progress as we are. She’s reading and writing so far beyond grade level that they’re not totally sure what to do about it – and she’s doing well in all other areas too, including her social interactions and relationships with other students. Not bad for a still five year old!

She’s doing just as well in her extra-curricular activities. This fall, she moved up to ‘big kid’ dance classes, which means that she got to choose her specialty/ies and the classes are starting to be less about play and more about structure and technique. You guys, she was born for this stuff. She’s doing an hour of Jazz on Mondays and an hour of Ballet on Saturdays – and practicing at home in front of her mirror on every other day. She’s the tiniest in her classes, but she works so hard and loves it so much. It’s so fun to watch her progression – we’ve noticed changes in her technique and even in her posture and leg strength just from the first two months of classes. SO AWESOME.

On a related note… I kind of can’t believe we ever even TALKED about red shirting this kid. I was so worried about her November birthday – but I should know by now to never, EVER underestimate this kid. Anything she lacks she more than makes up for in determination and attitude. I am totally in awe of her.

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