B’s First Bomber Game

I was lucky enough to get to take Briony to her first pro football game this month. Actually, her entire school was invited to go to the last home game – and we were excited to say yes (and because Geoff was working, we had enough tickets to be able to invite my parents along for the adventure!). It was a first trip to the new stadium for all of them (not technically for me, because I was there for Jay Z and Beyonce this summer… but this was a slightly different crowd – hehe).

We didn’t win, but it didn’t really matter to her. She was too busy giggling at her friends’ antics, cheering on the Bombers, watching the cheerleaders, munching on popcorn, and yelling ‘LOSE, STINKY LIONS!’ (sorry not sorry to any BC fans who happen to read my blog).

Looking forward to bringing her again next year!

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