What’s for Dinner

NO promises that I’ll do this often – or ever again – but I get asked all the time when I’ll share more recipes or ‘what I wore’ posts. And so, as I prepare this week’s meal plan, I’m going to share some of the links here.

You’ll notice that I’m not doing my crazy eating right now… I’m just not up for it. That changes sometimes – but we take it week by week (or sometimes even day by day). And I never beat myself up about it.

You’ll also notice that I’m planning to cook five nights this week – I usually plan for a leftovers night or a Supper Central night or a junk meal (or two or three of the above). But I’m at home with Briony and not really working this week, so I thought I’d be a little more domestic while I have the chance. I already know which ones are ‘bump meals’ if I end up without the energy to cook every night (and I have back-up plans in the freezer and ready to go). I’d just rather not use my ‘safety net’ meals this week if I don’t need to.


1. Spicy Parmesan Shrimp Skillet

This one’s a family favourite and I cannot stress enough how easy it is to make. I buy the bags of organic shrimp from Safeway and stick a few in our freezer when they go on sale. The night before (or the morning of), I pull out the bag, dump in the marinade ingredients – all things you’ll have on hand – close up the seal again, and put it in the fridge, giving it a little shake every time I’m in the fridge for something else. When it’s dinner time, you just cook the pasta, dump the entire bag of shrimp + marinade in a skillet for a couple of minutes, and then mix the two together. And add a vegetable or salad (or both). Easiest dinner EVER.

2. Balsamic Roast Beef with Sweet Potato Risotto

These are both new recipes that I’ve had bookmarked forever. And I just so happen to have a couple of beef roasts from Costco in the freezer and some sweet potatoes kicking around, so this is apparently going to be the week… I’ll let you know how they go! We’ll likely add broccoli, spinach, or brussels sprouts – the favourite veggies in this house (I know – CRAZY PRESCHOOLER).

3. Baked Ham with Scalloped Potatoes

Nothing fancy (or very healthy here). I have a TON of potatoes in my pantry right now. And I wanted some leftover ham for lunchtime soup later in the week. So there you have it. The man in my life will be happy! And we’ll add one of the veggies we didn’t have with the beef and risotto.

4. Lemon Spaghetti with Chicken + Spinach

Another new one here… I’ve tried a few similar recipes and they always go over well here – but I’m on the search for a PERFECT recipe. We’ll see if this one is it!

5. Spinach + Quinoa Salad with Grapefruit + Avocado

I haven’t made this in a LONG TIME, but I remember loving it – so we’ll give it a try. I usually grill or bake salmon on the side to make it more of a meal but chicken breasts would be easy + yummy too.

What are you eating this week?

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