BLERGH for another dramatic toddler + allergy night. It was a total horror show. Our washing machine was totally at capacity this morning. If that isn’t the sign of a bad night, I don’t know what is. (And B’s pediatrician is currently on holidays, so we aren’t booked in until next week Friday. Which is just as well, because I don’t know how on earth I’d manage to bring her in today.)

It’s been a long week. I was barely keeping it together last night (okay, full confession: I *may* have cried to my husband). And then today started at 4 AM. At least I’m pretty much guaranteed that B will have an early bedtime.


4 thoughts on “Blergh

  1. How in the world did you manage to look so great this morning?! I certainly wouldn’t look that together after experiencing a night/morning like that! I hope things start to get better really quickly for both of you :(.

  2. Oh, Ann… You’ve discovered my trick! hehe

    I’m a big believer in ‘fake it til you make it.’ Also, this year’s trend of comfy dresses with stretchy leggings and flat boots has been the greatest thing ever… It feels like PJs but it looks like you care. AWESOME.

    If you ever see me wearing red lipstick, you know it’s a REALLY bad day…

    Thanks for your encouragement – yesterday morning and here with your comment. You are wonderful :)

  3. I LOVE the pediatrician {dr. mustapha} at St.B by emergency there and it only took us a phone call to get in the same day or day after every time for Chloe – just in case you need a back up.

  4. Ours is always very fast… She just happened to be on holidays this week. There’s a back-up doctor there, but this isn’t an emergency – and I’d rather see our regular doctor, especially for something ongoing like this.

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