More Pinterest Wins

I love getting new ideas from Pinterest. I like it EVEN MORE when I try those ideas and they actually work out!

In the last week or two, we had two major wins: this Chicken + Spinach Pasta Bake and a Banana Cake.

The casserole was super yummy, and will likely become my new go-to for leftover chicken / turkey. Whenever we cook a whole bird, I usually freeze the leftovers to use for soup – but those leftovers went into this casserole and worked LIKE A CHARM. I especially loved that – with a few tiny substitutions – I had everything we needed for this casserole (except the cream cheese) already on hand. We used fusilli because that’s what I had in my cupboard. We upped the spinach a little bit. And we used a little bit less cheese. Now, I have no idea how easy it was to put together (Katie had it all assembled when I got home from work yesterday… THANK YOU, KATIE!) but I can absolutely vouch for the fact that it was DELICIOUS. And I’m also guessing that it would freeze well – which I’ll keep in mind for next time, because I absolutely could have baked half + frozen half for our family for a future non-Katie Day.

The cake was awesome, but I don’t know that I’d recommend the icing. It’s yummy icing. Just not for this cake – I found it much too sweet. But to each her own! And in any case, this is a yummy + easy basic recipe for banana cake.

This weekend, we’re trying out another recipe I found on Pinterest – Spicy Parmesan Shrimp Skillet – and my fingers are crossed for another win! I’ll let you know…

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